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So, here’s the deal… I’m going to give you the single worst sales pitch ever.

We’re always going to be a 100% free podcast.

That’s right. Regardless if you help us or not, we’ll keep recording, producing, and releasing the content that you love and you won’t ever owe us a dime for it. That being said, it takes real time and real money to make it all happen. That’s where you can help if you are so inclined. For less than what you spend on coffee per month (possibly less than what you spend on one coffee – I see you over there) you can help us fund this crazy thing we call Network Collective and keep the community focused network-engineering content flowing.

I’m In – Let’s Do This

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Did we mention that you get access to some cool stuff if you do support us?

No? Maybe we should.

Our private Slack channel is fire (or whatever the cool kids are calling cool these days). Don’t believe me? (probably a smart idea since I am asking for money) Check out what some of the people who’ve been around for a while have to say about it below. For as long as you’re a supporter, you too can get access to an amazing community of engaged engineers who want to help each other out. It’s a steal, no question about it.

Maybe you don’t like ads? We try to keep them to a minimum but like we said, this all takes some serious money to make happen and it has to come from somewhere. What we won’t do is double dip. For as long as you are supporting the show you’ll get your own ad-free URL for our content. No ad in sight. No sponsored content. Just the networking focused content you’ve grown to love.

So, please consider helping us out. We love making the show and hope to continue doing it for many years to come. Your support helps us to continually improve the products we currently produce as well as resource future expansion and bringing new content ideas to you.

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If you can’t help us out financially, that’s cool too. Why don’t you tell a friend, or two, or twenty about what it is that we do here and share your favorite episode with them. That helps too!