Community Spotlight – Nick Russo

Today we’re introducing a new twist to the Network Collective Short Take, the community spotlight. One of the reoccurring themes in the listener survey was that you get to hear a lot about what our guests know but don’t get to know anything about them or how they came to have the knowledge that they do. This is an easy problem to fix so occasionally we’ll be profiling individuals in the industry who are doing good work. Today, that individual is Nick Russo. Nick has been a long time contributor to Network Collective and has participated in some of our most popular episodes. Listen in as we talk about how Nick Russo got his start in networking and how his journey brought him to where he is today.

Nick Russo
Jordan Martin


  1. Mike
    August 19, 2019

    Hi Jordan
    Excellent spotlight with Nick! I really enjoy listening to both of you and hearing your passion about tech.

    Question, can Nick share the video title of the $10 Udemy MBA course that he had taken?


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