[Sponsored] No Tunnels – No Overlays – All The Secure Routing – 128 Technology

Tunnels and overlays are all the rage in software-defined networking but 128 Technology thinks there is a better way forward. Without tunnels or overlays, 128 can provide all the features you’ve come to expect from an SD-WAN solution and more. Listen in if you would like to hear how they can do all of this without encapsulation, offering far smaller overhead yet still keeping your data secure in transit. Once you’ve watched the overview here, you can find an even deeper dive into their technology at their website https://128technology.com or you can view the full day Networking Field Day Exclusive event recordings at http://tnc.li/128tech

Thank you to 128 Technology for sponsoring today’s episode and supporting the content we’re creating here at Network Collective.

Ritesh Mukherjee
Erik Thoen
Jordan Martin

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