[Sponsored] Short Take – Forward Networks

In this sponsored Network Collective Short Take, Brandon Heller, Co-Founder and CTO of Forward Networks, joins Network Collective to talk about how network verification and modeling are empowering network operators to increase efficiency, reduce mistakes, and shorten the mean-time-to-resolution when troubleshooting network issues.

Forward Networks does this through a complete and accurate mathematical model of the way your network operates, allowing you to quickly assess traffic flows and operational issues in your network without needing to query multiple devices manually.

Having an accurate model of your network also empowers you to validate changes before ever touching your production environment, giving you confidence that the change you are implementing will achieve the desired outcome.

For more technical details, short demo videos, and a chance to try Forward on your network to gain greater insight, head on over to http://forwardnetworks.com/collective.


Brandon Heller
Jordan Martin
Eyvonne Sharp

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