Off The Cuff – Engineering In The Enterprise

Is engineering talent disappearing from the enterprise? Our panel thinks so, and has a conversation about the implications for both businesses and individuals. This episode was recorded at Cisco Live 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.


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Denise Donohue
Mike Zsiga
Daniel Dib
Jeff Fry
Jordan Martin

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  1. Tony
    August 22, 2017

    Comments from a storage guy (and yes, it is always the network’s fault)
    Data Center talent in general is moving to VAR’s and Vendors for the following reasons in the following order of importance:
    Pay – It’s typically better at the Vendor/VAR at least in my area of the world.
    Training/certification access – Once again, better at the VAR/Vendor
    Access to the newest shiny stuff – Once again, better on the dark side.
    A couple of other comments.
    1. Someone mentioned Cisco and SDN – Cisco was dragged kicking and screaming into the SDN world. I know they have ACI but whether or not it is a “good” product – it was a response to what others including VMWare were doing.
    2. Someone mentioned network complexity – True and it is to Cisco’s advantage to keep it that way. It makes it much more difficult to change.
    I really do enjoy the show even though I don’t work in the network space. Keep up the good work.

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