Off The Cuff – Conferences And Social Media For Engineers

What is the value of conferences and social media for network engineering types? Come hear out panel talk about how these tools have enhanced and changed their careers. This episode was recorded at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, NV.


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Tom Hollingsworth
Aaron Conaway
Jonathan Davis
Marena Karasevich
Jordan Martin

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  1. JS
    July 19, 2017

    I found this a very interesting topic and one that is very helpful so thanks so much for sharing. Open question to the community, it seems that most seem to see themselves as an introvert so, “How to do handle those of us who are totally opposite and are very extroverted in the community?” Do you find it hard to be in that situation and how can extroverts interact with the community as to not put others off.

    Again thanks for sharing and I would love to hear comments.

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