Off The Cuff – Cisco Acquiring Viptela

In this Off The Cuff episode of Network Collective, we talk about all aspects of Cisco’s announcement of their intent to acquire Viptela’s SD-WAN product.  Who wins in this deal?  What happens to Cisco’s existing SD-WAN product line?  What happens to the rest of the SD-WAN market?  Keith Townsend and Tom Hollingsworth join the Network Collective hosts in breaking down what this means for all involved.


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Keith Townsend
Tom Hollingsworth
Jordan Martin
Eyvonne Sharp
Phil Gervasi

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  1. badwithinternet
    June 4, 2017

    Great show! I enjoyed the conversation very much!

    I thought of a few points during the conversation:

    ISR 4k’s are x86 based. It seems folks still think the routers are based on MIPS, but the routers are now regular x86. Which makes integration with a stack like what Viptela has much more straight forward. Maybe the Viptela control plane could run in a container on the router without much change and the router could take care of the data plane?

    The ISR’s were mentioned as big expensive routers. They are definitely called routers, but they are pretty much x86 boxes with lots of interfaces. As to whether they are expensive, I guess that is relative. As Greg Ferro is fond of saying, the enterprise doesn’t make decisions based on price. But you can buy 4k’s at around 2k, as well (4221 from a re-seller).

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